🧪 About beta mode

This website focuses on ankylosing spondylitis but there are many other autoimmune conditions.

Gut health effects everyone.

The aim is to broaden the scope of this site over time but it is an ongoing process and will take time.

What does ‘beta mode’ mean?

It just means that it’s not the finished product. But rather than spend years trying to get everything perfect I want to get as much information out to you as I can now.

With that in mind apologies if…

🧪 There is the odd spelling mistake or formatting error

🧪 If the mobile version of this site doesn’t look quite right yet

🧪 If some sections feel like they are lacking

🧪 If your autoimmune condition or health condition isn’t mentioned specifically by name

I’m working on all of the above.

This is an exciting journey and I’m thrilled to have you with us.


Founder, Gut Heroes