My Current Supplement Stack

What I’m taking right now, why and how effective it is (so far)

There are thousands of supplements that claim to do miraculous things. Some are backed by reputable scientific studies, others need a lot more investigation.

Below are the supplements I’m currently taking, why I’m taking them and how effective I am finding them.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The information on this page contains my subjective findings based on personal experience.

The Current Stack


Reported Effects


My Take (So Far)

Beef Bone Broth
2 mugs 2 x a day
(Morning and night)

Good for joints, immune system, gut health and skin

I expected this to have zero effect but it feels like it has helped enormously

Marine Collagen
2 scoops 2 x a day
(Added to bone broth)

Good for joints, skin, hair, nails and the gut

Random bonus effect. I definitely notice the effect this has on my skin, hair and nails. Everything’s a little shinier!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(Early Harvest)
70ml 1 x a day drunk as a shot

Anti-inflammatory, good for blood pressure, cholesterol, hair, skin and rheumatoid arthritis

Really notice this helping for the joints and inflammation pain

Magnesium Malate
500mg powder scoop once a day (added to hot drink)

It can reportedly help with chronic pain, migraines and depression. I’m taking it to help with night cramps caused by AS

Malate is the most easily absorbed form of magnesium and definitely I feel like this gives me a boost both energy and AS wise

Magnesium Glycinate
200mg powder scoop once a day in evening (added to hot drink)
Bone health, anxiety relief, bloody sugar and heart rhythm, possibly some pain relief and help with sleep

I really feel like this helps with sleep. I have less cramps and I feel really quite sleepy 30 minutes after consuming

Omega 3 Fish Oil
+ Vitamin D
(2,000mg Omega 3
2,000ui Vitamin D)
4 x tablets a day

Omega 3: Good for eye health, anxiety, inflammation, blood pressure, the heart and autoimmune conditions

Vitamin D: Bones, teeth, disease resistance and helping the immune system function

I can’t say I’ve noticed dramatic perceivable effects but there are a lot of studies which stress the importance or both. This feels like a long term ongoing supplement that works away in the background

Vitamin D K2
(2 drops a day in a hot drink)

Uncommon in Western Diet and can be beneficial for chronic diseases. May prevent heart disease, help with bone health and lower osteoporosis risk

Not noticed any perceivable effects but it is inexpensive, easy to take and may be beneficial over the long term so I’m sticking with it for now

Lion’s Mane
(2ml dose once a day in hot drink – from a tincture)

Help with fatigue, alertness, clear thinking, inflammation, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Can feel the psychoactive effects within 20 minutes. Mild and quite pleasant. I mainly use this if I want a boost. Still monitoring

(2ml dose once a day in hot drink – from a tincture)

Could help boost immune system, fight inflammation, heart disease and help with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis

I think this might be helping. No negative effects at all but feel like time between flares has increased and severity lessened

These are the supplements I use ‘as and when’

Thorne Meriva SF 500
2 tablets a day

Anti-inflammatory. Supposed to help with joints and inflammation

I think this does help a little when I’m having a flare but I don’t know whether it goes much beyond placebo effect

2ml a dose

Could help with stress, your heart, immune system, cancer prevention and fighting infections

I use this when I am feeling ill or in flare to give myself an extra boost. No negative effects, hard to monitor efficacy so far