I believe this information should be free

Gut Heroes is a ‘Public Goods’ initiative

โœ”๏ธ Free
โœ”๏ธ Open
โœ”๏ธ Accessible to all

Hi, Tommy here, the founder of Gut Heroes.

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the ethos of what I’m trying to build here.

I believe that information about our gut and microbiome should be freely accessible to everyone. That’s why Gut Heroes is a public goods project.

๐ŸŸข What Are Public Goods?

Public goods are services that are made available to all members of a community. Think of a public library, for example. Set up and run for the benefit of everyone.

When it comes to gut health, so many of us are in the dark and through no fault of our own. It’s still a young field. Cutting-edge research and interest in the microbiome is relatively new and there is so much that hasn’t yet made its way through to primary care. What information is out there can be hard to digest.

Knowledge about our biology, especially something as critical as gut health, shouldn’t be locked away behind paywalls or riddled with complex jargon.

Thatโ€™s why I created Gut Heroes, to freely share what Iโ€™ve learned and am learning about the gut. The studies I’ve come across, the people I’ve spoken to and my personal discoveries managing an autoimmune disease (in my case ankylosing spondylitis).

๐ŸŸข Gut Health is Vital

Gut health needs to be part of the public agenda.

> 50% of the cells in your body are microbiota

> The majority of these microbiota are in your gut

> 70% of your immune cells are located in your gut

What you put into your body matters.

Our gut health influences everything from our mood to our immune system.

Yet, for something so central to our well-being, it doesn’t (yet) get the attention it deserves.

With Gut Heroes my goal is to offer a resource thatโ€™s informative and useful. It’s a shared journey, and I’m here to navigate it with you.

๐ŸŸข What’s Next for Gut Heroes?

As Gut Heroes evolves, the mission remains to keep this resource free and accessible. Gut Heroes is currently self-funded. In the future I may accept donations or grants, to help cover costs, however, I want to try to avoid advertising or sponsored content if possible. I think we’re bombarded with enough distractions and adverts as it is and I think it’s important to have online resources that maintain editorial independence.

I’m continually learning, and as new insights emerge, I’ll share them with you, in a way which I hope is clear and actionable.

I would also love, as part of this, to help create an open-source project where we can share information and pool our collective knowledge and findings in a safe and decentralised manner (without any singular entity – whether that’s a for-profit company, big tech organisation, or individual like me having control). I believe this should be possible using blockchain technology further down the line.

Once again my goal is to keep this information free and open, ensure that the content is relatable and maintain a community where we can all be guardians of our gut health.

Thanks for being part of this journey.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help and take part in this project there are lots of things you can do. Here are few ideas:

โœ… Help Spread the Word

If you think this resource could help someone you know who is struggling with a ‘mystery’ illness or with an autoimmune condition please share it with them

If you have Social Media account please share any information you found helpful with your followers

โœ… Share Knowledge

If you work or do research in a field related to the gut or microbiome, and have any information which you think could help others, please feel free to get in touch

โœ… Share Your Success Story

If you successfully manage an autoimmune condition through diet and gut health and would be happy to share your story, please get in touch