HLA B27 in the Population of Northern Sweden

Jun 23, 1982 | Research | 0 comments

A Bjelle, B Cedergren, S R Dahlqvist

Published: June 1982


“The frequency of HLA B27 in blood donors born in northern Sweden was found to be 16.6%.

This was significantly higher than in southern Sweden or in caucasians generally, with the exception of Finland.

A close genetic relationship has been found between the population of northern Sweden and the Finnish.

The higher frequency of HLA B27 is particularly interesting in view of the finding of a higher incidence of rheumatic diseases in northern than in southern Sweden.

We also found a surprisingly large number of patients with reactive arthritides and ankylosing spondylitis in the patient registers of the rheumatology department, which further indicated a genetic influence on rheumatic disorders in northern Sweden.”

You can see more details about this study here

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