Name Change! Your Happy Back is Now ‘Gut Heroes’

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Just a quick note for anyone who is coming back to this site and wondering why the address of the top and the name has changed.

(It was previously and now it is

This is intentional and nothing else is changing other than the name.

I loved the old domain name, and will hopefully use it for a different project in the future, as time went on it just didn’t feel quite right for what I’m trying to do here.

These are the reasons:

✔️ The focus of this site is about targeting gut health (and that’s something I want to be obvious for people visiting)

✔️ The number one goal is to get gut health taken more seriously, especially in managing autoimmune diseases like ankylosing spondylitis

✔️ It’s a resource to promote more research into gut health and the microbiome and the dream is to see it prescribed as treatment in healthcare systems

Apologies if the name change was a bit abrupt.

Though I’ve had this site online for 2 years now I didn’t officially launch or submit it to the Google gods until very recently. I wanted a bedrock of content first and didn’t want to talk about diet without having some kind of context in place.

After bouncing ideas off family and friends I’ve realised name has been a bit of a stumbling block so I wanted to make the name change quickly while it’s still early days.

Onwards and upwards and I look forward to sharing lots more with you on this journey!

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