Trying to make a list of foods I can eat

May 31, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up this morning at about 9 ish feeling pretty much pain free.

I don’t remember waking up in the night.

I didn’t have any stiffness either which is good. My mood feels a little bit better today too.

I decided to just have blueberries for breakfast which was good and I think I might do that in future. A plate of fresh fruit seems to be fairly risk-free and works well.

Emailed the massage lady to say thank you for her email and also recommended Robert Sapolsky’s book Behave because I thought she’d find it interesting.

I also went through some of these diet things I’ve been thinking about and scoured the No Starch / Low Starch Facebook group.

I’m seeing mum soon and she wants to cook and know what I can eat.

I made a shortlist list of things I can have and sent that to Mum. I also included on the list the things that I can’t have just in case.

It’s going to take me a while but I’m hopefully going to come up with the definitive list that I can use.

For lunch I had bacon with two eggs and a buffalo mozzarella chunk. Honestly I think this was cheating because I’m supposed to cut out dairy.

On the back of the packet of the cheese it said that it had nearly 2 grams of starch so I think that’s bad on two fronts.

I want to try getting organic Greek goats yoghurt and having that with honey and chia seeds because I think that would be really nice. Hopefully it shouldn’t trigger anything.

If I could have that for breakfast every day that would be amazing. I could replace the honey for fruit some days as well.

I keep reading that sugar is a no go food for some people and I’ve seen it described as being inflammatory.

So I think this is an interesting avenue to explore.

I think there are some foods which are just inflammatory for all people because they are inflammatory in nature.

May these are potentially things like sugar and or nightshades, those vegetables which have an inbuilt mechanism to put off animals from eating them.

The whole starch thing as I understand it, is a separate thing and is based on this Klebsiella bacteria.

It’s the body attacking its own genes thinking that it’s this bacteria. As a result that’s causing pain and inflammation around the spine and joints.

Anyway I’m glad I’ve sent the food list to mum that’s a relief and I enjoyed the lunch I made.

I think it did cause me a bit of trouble though because maybe 40 minutes later I just had a very slight awareness of my bottom right pelvis again. And even a slight awareness of my upper left rib.

If I was to give this pain a marker I would say it was maybe a 0.5 or a 1. It was low enough so that it didn’t feel like the beginnings of the flare up or even a problematic twinge.

It was unlike the feeling last night after dinner where it felt as if it could possibly turn into something even though it wasn’t too painful.

It’s absolutely beautiful weather again today so I headed out for a big walk.

About an hour into the walk the pain from my pelvis completely subsided so that was good. That does seem to be a growing trend.

Exercising for an hour seems to be the magic number that gets rid of any pain.

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