Accepted into the Low Starch / No Starch Facebook group (need to consider going to 0% starch)

May 30, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up about 7:30am.

I wouldn’t say I had a banging headache but I had a hangover.

The good news is that I had virtually pain in my back and 0 pain in my ribs today.

Hoping that the low starch diet is paying off at the moment.

I was accepted into the Low Starch / No Starch Facebook group yesterday but today I’ve had a proper look on it.

There is so much information on here and I think it’s going to be really really helpful.

What’s a lot of people said that they had to cut out eggs from their diet before the pain dissipated and they don’t really know why.

On the one hand this sounds like a massive path to remove one of the only easy sources of protein from my diet that I thought I could eat.

On the other hand I’m secretly quite excited because I’ve been having a lot of eggs and maybe this could have been a trigger for me.

A few people in the group of said but they had to eliminate it completely to begin with and then find later down the line they could reintroduce it with no problem.

I’m hearing similar things about dairy as well and certain vegetables.

It sounds like the key really is to knuckle down and eliminate as much as possible to begin with and then bring things in later.

I spent a lot of the day wondering having kids and whether it would it be cruel to bring someone who would potentially have ankylosing spondylitis into this world.

My midday I was absolutely starving so I ran to the fridge and take out the bacon and mushrooms and immediately cooked them. I ummed and ahhed about adding eggs after what I’d read earlier but decided I would because I was so unbelievably hungry.

Then I had all of the strawberries in the fridge for pudding.

I feel a little bit down and flat today. I’m sure it’s partly because I’m hungover but I think I’m also still in mourning about what I think might be my diagnosis.

Even when I put it into context and think how lucky I am not to have something truly terrifying like cancer I still feel quite flat and low.

I also felt exhausted so I just went upstairs to bed and kind of lay there in a daze for about an hour. I didn’t really sleep but it felt like the only thing I could do.

I read in the Carol Sinclair book that apparently a lot of pills and medication have starch in them.

They use it to bind the pills together which makes sense I guess but it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare if I’m trying to follow a no starch diet.

I decided that I would just take the omega-3 pill because apparently gel pills are ok.

I left the house to go out for a walk at about 3:30 or 3:45.

Again my back feels great and I really can’t feel any pain in it and what’s more there’s no stiffness which is incredible. I think the massage really did help with the stiffness aspect.

I have almost no stiffness today and although some stiffness sort of came in towards the end of my walk I was out for nearly 4 hours so I think that’s to be expected, especially as I was wearing a backpack.

I’ve had no cough today either which has been amazing.

When I got home it was about 8 when I finally put the food on.

I made sausages with cauliflower rice and onions and mushrooms for dinner. I put 6 low starch Black Farmer sausages in the oven and then I made cauliflower rice from scratch because I couldn’t find any in the fridge.

I chopped the cauliflower quite finely and then I put some pre chopped onions into the wok pan to brown. I added the cauliflower and then the mushrooms, also chopped up.

I cooked this for ages while the sausages were finishing cooking. Then I put in some garlic granules which I’m now wondering whether they contain starch. Added some coriander as well and finally a bit of salt.

Honestly it didn’t taste great and version cat made was much much nicer. I’m also worried that I’ve done something wrong and I’ve had some starch.

Had a nice conversation with Mum. After I’d finished I didn’t feel bad but I just had that ever so slight feeling that something I had eaten had affected me a little bit. I had been out for a long walk so exercise shouldn’t have been the issue.

I’m wondering whether there might be some starch in onions when cooked. I also know that there’s about 1 gram of starch in the sausages 100 grams. Given that I had 6 sausages which is a whole pack I’m probably having a bit more starch than I normally would.

Need to think about getting that starch content down to 0 maybe. I do really think those garlic granules could have been a bit dodgy as well.

So after having an amazing day in terms of pain it’s kind of ended fine but not perfect.

I found myself coughing this evening as well which now lead me to believe that it wasn’t the dairy causing me the cough it was probably the starch. I’ve obviously overdone it on the starch this evening.

I watched a programme on TV mum recommended about the food we are giving our kids.

It was on the BBC and was a really good programme.

Ultra processed foods are basically just terrible and they showed that they can become as addictive as drugs. They also talked about how the mouthfeel is perfectly engineered to get people to consume more.

Definitely an interesting study.

I’m excited that the diet is working and I’m frustrated that I keep obviously breaking the diet accidentally. I’m absolutely exhausted so I’m going to have to try and go to sleep now but I’m interested to see how I feel tomorrow.

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