At this point we’re going into real improvement territory

May 6, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I’ve woken up feeling pretty good today actually.

I do feel little bit tired, which surprises me, but I’ve had the best sleep unaided, i.e. with no pills or anything, that I’ve had for weeks.

I think I literally only woke up twice last night.

Once was to get comfortable and the other time I can’t really remember but I just have a vague sense of waking up. It might have been when Kat went to the shower.

So at this point we’re going into real improvement territory.

My back doesn’t feel perfect this morning. I still have the pain in my right pelvis. It’s not extreme it’s just that kind of dull “I’m there pain” and at the moment it’s slightly radiating down my right leg.

Walking around on it in general seems fine though and it feels like one of those ones where once I get walking for a while it will dissipate a bit more.

I do have a very blocky stiffness which has become more and more prevalent over the past few months. Again I’m hoping that will improve a bit as the day goes on.

But overall I’m feeling very excited about the progress so far on this diet.

Kat made me another one of those smoothies for breakfast which was really nice.

I went for a walk at about 10:30 and headed over to Stratford. Noticed my back wasn’t feeling as brilliant as I hoped on the walk.

There is still a bit of a pain on the right hand side but it’s not bad enough too seriously impede my walking. I also feel very stiff today. So a bit of a mixed bag but the news that I’m sleeping at the moment is a really great success.

My vitamins arrived today so that’s good news.

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