Bad backs and burnt out cars

Apr 29, 2020 | Diary | 0 comments

Woke up feeling quite chirpy.

Feel stiff though, as if I would only be able to bend at right angles. Had an ok morning in general.

Kat and I had an intense argument about tea, then about the extractor fan in the bathroom, then tea again.

My back is now killing me today for some reason.

It’s not the normal pain it’s a kind of ache everywhere. It’s as if my back is a big stiff immovable block.

Got a decent amount of work done but then it was giving me agony so I went upstairs and lay down for a bit.

It’s been raining all day but the weather app says it’ll stop raining until 6pm so I headed out for a walk earlier today.

The trouble is I need to do a proper long walk. I’m wondering whether that’s my why my back is so stiff at the moment. I did a lot less than normal yesterday.

Maybe my usual routine has been keeping me on the right side of back pain.

Everyone on my walk today looks like they’ve been spat out by life.

It’s been an interesting one today photo wise. Spotted a car down an alleyway. Completely burnt out and propped on its side like a book end. It had an interesting splash of blue behind it.

Back continued to be a nightmare at home so I’ve been in a grump. Watched a film with Eoin after Kat went to bed, Birds of Passage. Interesting film beautifully shot. It’s about weed dealing in Columbia and spirits and dowries. Will watch more by this guy.

Tried to take any 3 ibuprofen before bed but couldn’t find any.

Got to bed at around 1:20am.

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