Drinking tea standing up

May 26, 2020 | Diary | 0 comments

Woke up today feeling kind of ok – as in I slept – but knew that I was in for a day of pain.

Back felt terrible this morning.

Couldn’t even sit down because that made the pain worse so drunk my tea standing up.

Kat said she’s make me some toast so I went for a shower. Then with breakfast I took some ibuprofen.

I also put gel on my back to try and blast the pain from all angles.

After about 20 minutes started to feel it kicking in and was able to sit without wincing.

Got a decent amount of work done today and went out for my walk at around 4:45pm.

I didn’t have any strong feeling about where to go so I just left the house and headed left. Left down the road and then left as far as I could go.

It turns out that if you just walk left for a very long time you end up at the B&Q in Leyton.

This is one of the most disappointing places in a the world. A big car park flanked by boring superstores. An Asda, a B&Q, a Next, some other shops that I remember from the 90s.

Nothing to photograph, just grey.

Going to try and get to bed before 1am tonight.

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