FAST: Heightened senses on day 3 of the fast

Nov 17, 2023 | Diary | 0 comments

SI Pain: 1/100 | Rib Pain: 0/100 | Knee Pain: 3/100 Concrete Back: 7/100

Today was the last day of my fast.

I felt pretty good but definitely the mood takes a hit on day two… and today is day 3.

I’m kind of fine but also not.

I’ll unpack that a little…

Physically I feel great overall, although it feels like my stomach is starting to eat itself. It’s slightly pained.

However, the AS symptoms are fantastic and I seem to have a decent amount of energy.

I had a silly argument this morning which I think was heightened or exacerbated by not eating. When you are fasting from day two onwards everything feels heightened.

Your senses are heightened and little things annoy you. At the same time good things can make you even more happy than usual.

It feels, in general, like your emotions are at extremes. The downside is that you don’t seem to have as much patience or tolerance.

I had my sauna session at 11am which was a good thing. Sitting in a hot room for a while in silence was just what I needed.

As usual, the sauna was fantastic as was the cold exposure. I had the whole sauna room to myself for pretty much the whole time which is unusual.

So all in all a good day.

💡 Mini Findings

✅ Day 3 of a fast can heighten mood and sensation (both positive and negative)

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