In general I feel so much better since being on this diet

May 18, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up feeling ok.

Had my usual breakfast smoothie.

Upper left AS ache in-between the lower back and lungs but at the back.

In general though I still feel so much better since being on this diet.

I got a text message this morning from the NHS, to in fact saying that I had a referral and I needed to book an appointment.

This was the rheumatology appointment that I’ve been waiting for for the last couple of weeks.

The NHS have double booked this and so I have an appointment both from my GP and another doctor. I’m assuming he’s the guy who looked at my rheumatology blood test.

I feel 99% confident that it is ankylosing spondylitis now because the only hospitals they are recommending for my appointments were departments which focused on early inflammatory arthritis. That’s basically ankylosing spondylitis so it sounds like they are sending me in that direction.

The downside was the only one of them had online appointments available and that seemed to be the hospital with the lowest ratings. Still, it’s in Woolwich so it’s not too tricky to get to.

That is on the 25th of August I think I’ll have to check my calendar but it’s a good three months away.

It’s a time to wait but I know the diet is working for me and I can look at other techniques online which will hopefully help.

I cancelled my blood test yesterday because of the Corona jab I have tomorrow. I don’t think I’m going to rebook it because there doesn’t really seem much point if I am going to rheumatology and they have found something.

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