Magnesium malate just gave me an amazing night’s sleep

Jul 23, 2022 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up feeling good today.

Had a really decent sleep last night.

Although I feel quite tired I know I slept better than normal.

I am 100% putting that down to the magnesium malate. That really instantly took away so much stiffness yesterday and just made me feel so much better.

I think I woke up maybe 2 or 3 times last night, but that was definitely more as a result of the sunlight coming into the room rather than anything else.

I don’t remember waking up with any of the usual AS cramps or restlessness.

So that feels great and I really hope this stays. If I have found the solution to this that would be amazing.

At the same time I’m also a bit nervous because I know at the start of the diet just removing the starch really helped me a lot and I found myself sleeping better…

Then a bit of time into the diet I found out I was waking up again.

I responded to that by taking magnesium glycinate which seemed to help me with sleep once again. But then more recently I started getting the sleep trouble… again.

So while it appears that this magnesium malate is helping now I’m scared it will stop working too.

There’s an anxiety that you just built up a tolerance for these things and then the problem comes back again.

With that said, maybe it’s just a case of keeping up optimum levels of magnesium.

I didn’t realise, until doing a bit research yesterday, that typically when people start the Keto diet (which is similar to what I’m doing) they may get low on magnesium as it’s harder to get from this diet.

So that would make a lot of sense and if I can supplement it properly using magnesium malate and if that solves the problems then that will be amazing.

I felt great this morning but today was a really frustrating and stressful day at work.

I found myself sitting there having been completely relaxed and feeling like I’d really mastered something with my AS…

… to feeling that rush of stiffness approaching in my back.

I have to say it wasn’t as bad as previous occasions and it was more sensation of adrenaline flooding into that region. Normally that would make me crazily stiff and maybe even start SI joint pain.

This time it just made me a little bit more stiff. Maybe one or two points out of ten more stiff but it’s interesting to note how stress can have an almost immediate impact.

When I could I headed out to the Hackney marshes for a walk.

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