No SI joint pain, some stiffness, tiny blackberries

Jul 27, 2022 | Diary | 0 comments

SI Pain: 0/100 | Rib Pain: 0/100 | Concrete Back: 50/100

Spent all day thinking it was Thursday. I think that’s because I’ve been wishing all week that it was Thursday, and that’s seeped into my front brain.

Woke up feeling okay, I guess, a little bit crampy in my leg.

I have a slight headache as well, which is exacerbated every time I cough. The cough has been really bad the last few days, but it could be down to the weekend.

AS-wise, I don’t have any SI joint pain, which is a relief. I do have a fair amount of stiffness still but it’s improving.

I have also had some of what I call that “bad blood” feeling (like something dead is floating around my veins) and today the cramp has been particularly bad, so I have to make sure that I have enough magnesium. It feels like the cramp is in my left foot in particular.

I don’t think this cramp affected my sleep too much, and actually, I haven’t been sleeping too badly recently. I do seem to wake up with the sunlight, and that’s something I just can’t wait to sort out next time we move house or if we ever put proper curtains up.

More building stress and work stress today but really trying to not let it get to me. There’s always merit in taking a step back, assuming people have good intentions and waiting to see what develops, instead of catastrophising from the get go.

I went out for my walk and got a coffee, which I felt I needed today because I was feeling low. As I left the coffee shop, I remembered that I wanted to see if that car I saw the other day still had a sign on it which said “brackdown”.

I don’t know why, but the sign really made me laugh, something to do with the phonetic spelling. I went to check and sure enough, the sign was on the car. Even better, someone had put a parking notice on it to add to the dressing.

Now the photo is better, and there was no one around, so I spent a bit of time trying to get the backdrop of the graffiti in the background, which I felt quite happy with.

So this was a win for today. I sometimes get that with photography where you feel like you’ve got an image that you really wanted.

Lunch was roast beef slices, ham, salad and compliant bread, and a compliant cookie for pudding.

It didn’t leave me feeling full, so I had a compliant chocolate bar. Am genuinely excited about the arrival of my pork scratchings tomorrow.

These evening I went to see if there were any blackberries in my usual haunt because I’ve been really enjoying that. Went through through the main bit, near the golf course to that fairly desolate path where I have found lots and lots of them recently.

Looking now, they all look really tiny, as if they never existed. Frustrating.

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