Relentless rain and The Midnight Gospel

Apr 30, 2020 | Diary | 0 comments

Managed to sleep last night but woke up with my back feeling comically stiff.

Almost walked bent double to the toilet.

Need to locate some painkillers today and go out on a decent strenuous walk to loosen things up. Maybe I’ll head to Valentine’s park today.

Had lots of Zoom meetings today. Work less hectic now as a couple of bits have been taken off my plate which is good.

Had an amazingly helpful nap pain-wise after lunch after finishing up some work bits.

It was only a 20 minute power nap, but I completely passed out asleep. Then a biblical storm kicked in and the rain battered against the window to the side in great hailstone sheets and also above us on the loft window.

It was amazing, relentless hail and rain. It’s like that feeling you’re get back to your tent at the end of the night at a festival.

Went out for my walk at about 4pm today. The rain had stopped and I was genuinely getting a bit panicky that I wouldn’t be able to leave the house if I didn’t grab the opportunity.

If I can get out now now while there’s a slight drizzle at least I can get some exercise and hopefully start to sort my back out.

London is alive just after it rains. There’s that magical period where the sky is still rumbling the puddles reflect the sinews of London’s railings and leaves and plants. And it’s empty, no one about, everyone too averse to getting wet.

A friend recommended The Midnight Gospel on Netflix, another sci fi cartoon. Apparently it’s very calming.

I checked it out before going to bed and it is very calming but in a weird way.

The world is collapsing and falling apart and psychedelic and weird but the main characters just carry on as if nothing is happening and chat away like friends drinking tea together.

Fell asleep and then woke up at 1:30am and went to bed.

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