Some initial findings from the blood test

May 4, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

Woke up feeling a little better than yesterday.

Though I didn’t sleep brilliantly, I did sleep which is obviously a massive improvement on last night.

I kept waking up sporadically because of my back but probably could have dozed in bed for another hour at a push.

Had a text message from GP at Hand telling me to book an appointment because they have found something in my bloods.

I guess I was expecting that but I also didn’t know if maybe they’d found something else (they did do a lot of tests) so found myself panicking a bit.

I was going to leave it until Friday to find out but decided to book an appointment now, just in case something more sinister was up. Managed to get one for 9.40am.

Kat made me a delicious smoothie for breakfast which was amazing. It’s probably full of sugar but I’m testing eliminating starch at the moment so I think that’s fine.

The nurse for the appointment was 20 minutes late and then when she did call the tech her side didn’t work. Eventually she got through to me by phone and read out my results.

The initial findings said that my CRP and ESR levels were high.

Apparently these are inflammatory markers so this made sense to me but she didn’t make the connection to AS so this had me a little worried.

She said you normally see that with an infection and asked if I’d been ill. I said I haven’t. I think it’s almost impossible to get ill at the moment because we’re not seeing anyone thanks to the pandemic.

I mentioned the AS (which I don’t think she had necessarily seen on my notes) and asked if that would show inflammation.

She suggested that it could (I’m pretty sure it would!) then checked her notes and added that they were doing a specific rheumatology test for AS. This will probably takes a couple weeks though as it’s a special lab it goes to.

She said I really needed to have a follow up with the GP who booked all the tests, so after the call I phoned GP at Hand and got an appointment with the original GP for Friday.

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