The diet seems to be going well if not perfectly

May 10, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up today feeling ok but have some of the ankylosing flaring up today.

It’s not in my lower back in the normal bit this time it’s behind my ribs (maybe mid way) to the right hand side, so the upper back again.

I feel pretty upset and frustrated by this because everything was going so well but there are a number of different factors in play which could explain it.

The bed where we were staying last night was uncomfortable and I didn’t sleep very well because the light poured into the room from about 5am.

I also ate some different things last night.

I had an absolutely enormous amount of swede which I’ve been researching. I can’t figure out whether it’s a starchy vegetable or not but it made up most of my dinner.

I also had a small amount of parsnips which I know are definitely starchy and then after Kat went to bed I had half a bag of peanuts, which I think could be the main cause or problem.

I think really what I need to be doing is having green as being the bulk of my filler food at dinner time, rather a vegetable this similar to potato.

I think this would make a big difference because at the moment we’re trying to find potato substitutes and these types of vegetables can contain a lot of starch.

Despite that I feel ok otherwise.

Some of the others at the meal have not been feeling great since Saturday and apparently have had tummy trouble so that’s interesting. Maybe that could be a factor.

Went for a really nice walk today. The sun has started emerging and despite the wind it’s hot enough to wear a t-shirt today.

I’ve realised I’m not a massive fan of meat unless it’s been ground up into mince. I don’t really love chicken either which is going to be a bit of a problem if I’m going to stick to this diet.

In terms of the ankylosing spondylitis…

Night time. The pain hasn’t completely gone but I still feel lighter than before.

Stiffness remains and the faintest hint of pain on lower left pelvis right now but nothing bad at all.

So the diet seems to be going well if not perfectly.

I spent most of the evening making an Amazon fresh shopping list filled with things that are supposedly starch free.

I found that if you look at the images of the back of the packets on websites that it tells you the percentage of starch or carbohydrates contained.

There were a few sausage makers who had one gram of starch which I think it’s probably acceptable so I put them in my basket.

I then put cauliflower and spinach and a load of other vegetables too. I think the thing I’m most excited about his those yoghurts you get which have honey in them because I love them.

Kat’s been giving me yoghurt with melon for pudding after lunch and that’s been good.

To be honest a life of eating tinned pears and yoghurt with honey is something I could definitely handle.

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