These things seem to be helping

May 15, 2020 | Diary | 0 comments

Woke up feeling ok.

We’ve had the weighted blanket on the last two nights and I actually think it’s helped with my back.

It seems to keep me in one position most of the night and it’s also quite comforting.

The things that help my back seem to be:

– Lots of walking

– Wearing boots rather than trainers or converse

– Decent sleep (with weighted blanket)

– Using the roller

Got a decent amount of work done this morning and caught up on a few bits I got not rushed off my feet on Monday morning.

Decided I was going to do a proper walk today and see if I could get right into the heart of the city of London and even cross the Thames and to South London.

Huge walk really helped.

Slept like the dead.

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