Today is a good day

Nov 8, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

I woke up this morning feeling good, really good.

I think this might be the first morning in a while when I’ve woken up with no discernible pain or stiffness or feeling that I haven’t slept properly.

I felt like I slept really well last night and I don’t remember waking up in the night for once.

I did still feel quite tired, but incredibly rested at the same time.

It was that kind of feeling you have when you’re comfortably wrapped in the covers and it’s a Christmas morning and you don’t want to leave bed.

So today is a good day.

Apart from the tiredness I don’t really have any other pain going on and that is exciting.

For the first time in several weeks I would say I actually feel like I could run if I wanted to, something that seemed unimaginable just a few days ago.

I just had a few raisins for breakfast and nothing else and then at lunch I had salad with strips of chicken that tasted exactly like cheese and were quite nice. After I scoffed a few of those mushrooms in a jar. I then had one of Kat’s compliant starch and sugar free biscuits for pudding.

It’s nice to have something else to eat and something different. They do taste kind of like a treat and they’re lemony and quite filling.

I did have a lot of snacks today – struggling to keep up with the hunger – including sultanas and gherkins and some cauliflower dipped in that Hunter and Gather ‘free from everything’ mayonnaise.

Hoping I don’t have any pain as a result.

Had a really nice walk this evening.

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