Tummy has been weird today

May 16, 2021 | Diary | 0 comments

Woke up feeling fine.

Kat made me a smoothie which had peanut butter in it and tasted delicious but I’m worried that that’s one of the things I shouldn’t be eating at the moment.

Still, touch wood, my back seems to be ok.

My upper chest feels quite tight still and I can sort of feel a hint of pain behind my lungs but overall I still feel so much better than I did.

It’s miserable weather today.

We had the same lunch as usual which I enjoyed. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of mushrooms.

Tummy has been really weird today.

I normally have an iron gut and the last time I felt like this I was in my mid-20s and was drinking smoothies every day.

It’s almost if my body was saying that if you have a concentrated thing that you put in your body which we can’t be bothered to process.

Went for a good long walk today with Kat.

Dinner was butternut squash diced and with onions and sage. It was really nice, a bit like stuffing. I’m a bit worried that it has a high starch content though.

I must remember to go to the co-op tomorrow and pick up some more cheese and cold meats and those ‘Black Farmer’ sausages which have almost no starch.

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