What Foods Should Be Avoided on the Starch Free Diet?

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๐Ÿ•‘ Please note: this is a 2 minute explainer page. You can see the more detailed ‘foods to avoid’ page here

The fastest route to pain-free is to avoid everything on the list below when you are first starting out.

This is about building your personal AS wellness plan from the ground up.

You may be completely fine with many of these ingredients (hopefully you are!) but the ONLY way you can find out is to start from scratch.

That’s why I recommend doing the following:

โœ… Step 1: Avoid ALL the ‘Foods to Avoid’ listed below (and don’t cheat!)

No โ€˜just this oncesโ€™ or โ€˜Iโ€™ll just have a littleโ€™. Do this until you are pain free, or at the very least have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. Such that you donโ€™t need painkillers.

โœ… Step 2: Reintroduce different foods ONE at a time

For example, once you are pain free you could try eating a few tomatoes (they are nightshades) with a meal. Wait a few days to see if your body has a reaction. No reaction? Great. Test it again. When youโ€™re confident itโ€™s NOT triggering pain, add to the list of things you can eat.

โœ… Step 3: Repeat step 2!

And remember to make a special note of the things that make you feel great.

Foods to avoid

โ›” Avoid ANY starch

โ›” Avoid ANY processed food

โ›” Avoid ANY refined sugar

โ›” Avoid ANY nightshades

โ›” Avoid ANY alcohol

โ›” Avoid ANY dairy

โ›” Avoid ANY seed oil

โ›” Avoid ANY gluten

Optional: Other possible triggers

Again we are all different. If you don’t experience a reduction in pain or symptoms after a few months it’s possible there may be something else triggering you.

Some people experience a reaction to one or more of the following: Inulin, Oxalates and Histamines.

Helpful Tips:

Starch includes ALL root vegetables, starchy fruits (such as bananas), breads, wheats, starchy grains

Dairy includes milk, cheese and yoghurt, especially from cows, and also eggs (note: you can try re-introducing eggs and also goat and sheep dairy products after elimination)

Seed oil includes but is not limited to rapeseed, sunflower and vegetable oil

Nightshades include tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, sorrel, paprika, okra, tobacco and more

Gluten can also be found in certain alcoholic drinks such as beer

Inulin can be found in onions, garlic, asparagus, artichoke, leeks, yams and more

Oxalates can be found in spinach, soy, almonds, raspberries, dates and more

Histamines can be found in higher quantities in avocado, coconut flour, dates, pineapple, raisons, beef, cured meats, fish, leftover meats and more

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