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I see this supplement cocktail as my energy booster and inflammation buster.

The combination can help with muscle, nerve function, digestion and nutrient absorption (important for anyone with compromised gut health).

It may also help improve energy levels, reduce muscle pain and ward off some of the symptoms of fatigue and – my favourite – offer an anti-inflammatory boost.

Some of the ingredients it contains may be particularly helpful for people with an autoimmune disease but you don’t have to have an autoimmune disease to benefit.

It could also be helpful for someone who suffers with brain fog, night cramps or just who needs a post workout boost. Just amend the doses accordingly.

Do you have to take these supplements?

Absolutely not! This is really important. You don’t have to take any supplement. You may have a positive reaction, you might not (in which case save your money).

That’s why it’s important to try each supplement individually first, in low doses, and monitor the impact. I like to test any new supplement for 2 weeks and jot down my results. The main thing is to do what’s right for you.

Many argue that you’re best off trying to get everything you need through diet and they may well be right.

Personally, as someone who has damaged their gut and microbiome (unwittingly) for years, I’m happy to use certain supplements I’ve tested and that I feel give me a boost offsetting some symptoms. I’ll take these for the foreseeable future, maybe a few more years, and then experiment with tapering the dosages out.

Ok, on with the show! What does this drink consist of?

✅ Magnesium Malate (powder form)
✅ Electrolytes (powder form)
✅ Apple Cider Vinegar (liquid form)

Why I currently take them

Magnesium Malate – Most people, especially those of us with autoimmune disease, are magnesium deficient. Malate is the most easily absorbed form of magnesium out there. It’s also, of the ones I have tested, the one that makes me feel the best. I’ve been able to eliminate night cramps through this. It also can help with energy and focus. I used to take magnesium in tablet form but because of all the binders used to make these it had a really negative effect and caused me to flare. That’s why where possible I favour using clean (ideally one ingredient, with no fillers) powders or tinctures.

Electrolytes – If you are following a strict diet that is similar to Keto (which many people on the AS diet are) you need to keep your salt and potassium intake up. This probably gives you the most immediate impact in the form of an energy boost. It’s also the part that tastes good. The magnesium gives the drink a thickness whereas the electrolytes – if you choose a naturally flavoured powder – help the whole thing hang together.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is potentially the most controversial ingredient of the three and often gets labelled as an ‘old wives’ tale’ remedy. There’s very little firm scientific evidence that ACV helps for autoimmune conditions, however it has often been used as a natural tonic for arthritis. It’s one to test. I personally think it helps my gut health and after testing it a few times noticed it gave me a little relief from AS symptoms (mainly stiff back) so that’s why I keep it in my tool kit. Obviously it is, like any of these ingredients, completely optional!

None of the above, except maybe the electrolytes, tastes very nice. In fact, malate and Apple Cider Vinegar taste positively awful.

That’s why I experimented with mixing them together and came up this non-alcoholic cocktail mix: the Malate-Off Cocktail. A non violent feel good supplement broth.

By mixing it all in one glass it means…

🟢 It tastes SO MUCH nicer!
I actually enjoy the taste, it’s a little bit like a strawberry Nesquik milkshake

🟢 It’s quick, convenient and easy to remember
Everything in one glass, just add water, once a day

🟢 They complement each other
The malate and electrolytes helps eliminate cramp and can also give a focus and energy boost. By having them in the late afternoon when I am typically flagging it can provide a pick me up

🟢 It’s kinder on your teeth
This method dilutes the Apple Cider Vinegar. By having the ACV in a pint of water it dilutes it enough to help save the enamel on your teeth (as well as masking the taste!)

The recipe:

You’ll need:

✔️ 2 x scoops of magnesium malate powder (everyone will have an amount that’s right for them, so adjust according to what is right for you)
✔️ 1 x scoop electrolyte powder
✔️ 3 x tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (containing ‘the mother’, it will say whether it has this on the label)

Important: Please just note that to begin with Apple Cider Vinegar may give you some tummy issues (such as diarrhoea) as it gets to work. For most people this will pass in a day or two but consider starting with a lower dose and working your way up.


⚙️ Step 1: Fill a pint glass (or any big glass) half full with water

⚙️ Step 2: Add your 2 scoops of malate powder, 1 scoop of electrolyte powder and 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

⚙️ Step 3: Wait 10 seconds and then slowly fill up the rest of the glass with water. Try to aim the water at the floating powder! (This will help it dissolve)

⚙️ Step 4: Now just wait a little longer for it to all dissolve (stir in if you need to)

⚙️ Step 5: Drink!

Tommy Malate

Questions & Answers:

“Which brands do you use?”

I currently use the following:

Seeking Health Magnesium Malate powder
Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes powder (raspberry flavour)
Any brand of Apple Cider Vinegar (just check the label says it contains the mother)

I personally have had no negative reaction to any of these brands (after 2 years of usage).

Supplement AS

“Are there any side effects?”

If you are new to Apple Cider Vinegar the first day or two can be strange on the tummy. As in a bit (very) diarrhoea-y. This completely passed for me after a day.

You may want to start off with less (maybe 1 x tablespoon) and work your way up.

Ok, I think that wraps things up!

I hope you found this helpful.

Do you take any of these supplements? What do find helps you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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